Sailing Race Starts

Sailing Race Start System by Dan Zwerg

Privacy Policy

We’re committed to protecting user privacy and providing a safe and secure environment for our users.

Sailing Race Starts doesn’t collect any information about you whatsoever. It does not require any access to your data, nor does it transmit anything back to the author or anyone else. There are no ads in this app nor is there any code that would put any sort of ad on your screen at any time in the future.

This app does not offer to sell you anything or ask you to subscribe to anything.

This is simply an app that gives you great functionality with nothing hidden or unexpected happening. This app is safe for all ages including young children. This app plays sounds for starting sailing races and gives you a graphical countdown to the start. It also shows you the typical flag system used for racing.

Sailing Race Starts is completely safe to install and use and does not invade a user’s privacy in any way.