Sailing Race Starts

Sailing Race Start System by Dan Zwerg

Portable Systems

Sailing Race Starts Premier:

The Sailing Race Starts Premier system has performed flawlessly in many many regattas over a number of years. It is extremely reliable due to the fact that there are no moving parts. The unit can be powered from a standard 12 volt receptacle or from a portable power unit as shown. It has a 400 watt amplifier, Bluetooth, and two 60 watt horn speakers. This system is relatively light and easy on power consumption (the portable power unit will last all day or even two days although I always charge it between days to be on the safe side). The sound is very good and it is loud. The volume is adjustable.





Sailing Race Starts Ultimate:

The Sailing Race Starts Ultimate system is now a reality! Everything about this system is the “best of the best.” This system sports a 1200 watt marine amplifier and 4-350 watt marine audiophile-quality speakers. This system has a built-in PA system with a microphone that mutes any other sound when it is keyed. Like the Premier, the Ultimate has Bluetooth and can be powered from a standard 12 volt outlet. The sound output is very loud, incredibly clear, full spectrum audio; which means at the end of the day, you can play your sailing music play list for your sailors. I cannot emphasize enough, the sound quality is incredible. The sound surrounds the committee boat (270 degrees), but does not blast the race committee. This system is heavier and consumes more power than the Premier system. If you have far to go, it would be best to use a very light folding dolly to bring the system to the dock. It would also be best to use the boat’s electrical system to power this system (My portable power unit will power the Ultimate system for about 2 hours of continuous use.). Connected to portable power, I recommend turning the system off between races to conserve power.







Both systems are custom made from oak and professionally finished with 3 coats of marine urethane inside and out. The hinges and fasteners are stainless steel. There are non-skid rubber feet on the bottom. There is built-in venting beneath the lids to expel any heat. If you are interested in the Sailing Race Starts Premier or the Sailing Race Starts Ultimate, or have some other custom system in mind, please contact me for a quote.